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Episode 3: Cannabis Legalization w/ Maryland State Senator Feldman [Inside the Industry]

About the Legalization Episode We sit down with Maryland State Senator Feldman to talk about the road to legal adult use cannabis in Maryland. What are you looking forward to seeing in an adult use market? Featured Host(s): Warren Lemley, President, Co-Founder; Kevin Johnson, Jr., Director of Creative Marketing Special Guest(s): Brian J. Feldman, Maryland […]

Episode 2: History of Peake ReLeaf [Inside the Industry]

About the ReLeaf Episode Join us as we turn the camera on ourselves. We’re sharing our origins, our mission and answering questions we’ve gotten from our patient community! Get comfortable as you get familiar with the founding and executive team of Peake ReLeaf. Featured Host(s) & Guest(s): Nate Miller, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder Tracey […]

Episode 1: An Introduction to SunMed Growers in 3 Parts [Inside the Industry]

About the SunMed Growers Episode Welcome to the very beginning of Peake ReLeaf’s Inside the Industry series! Join us in learning the background of SunMed Growers, then explore the their grow facility with us. We’ll conclude with a conversation about the future of this native Maryland grower and how they will positively impact our medical […]

The Road to Home Grow in Maryland: Time to Get Legislative

The opportunity to push for home grow in Maryland is approaching. How? Via our state government, of course. We discussed it before, and we’re back again to get you ready to take action. Do you have to be in Annapolis to make a difference? Nope! We’re exploring the organizations and communities that are advocating for […]

The FDA And CBD: Shaping Guidelines For Hemp As Medicine

Hemp for medicinal use has been conquering multiple markets. Hemp-derived CBD is in wellness shops, big brand stores like Walgreens and Walmart, and creeping into more and more cannabis dispensary lobbies. Many are finding various wellness benefits. But it’s of utmost importance that more clinical research be completed thanks to hemp’s legalization with the 2018 […]

Good Weed to Quality Meds: Legal Cannabis Safety in Maryland

Entering the legal cannabis market means having defined expectations of the quality of your medicine. From hunting on the legacy (illicit/black/negative terms) market for good weed to being able to review terpene profiles means that you expect the best for what you’re spending. Patients over profits continues to be the mantra when facing corporate plant […]

Start your New Year’s Cannabis Resolutions with our Winter BOWLSTICE!

It’s New Year’s (cannabis) resolution time! Though Winter Solstice is behind us, we wanted to carry the spirit with our Winter Bowlstice exploration. If you frequent our dispensary, you may be familiar with our display case of glass bowls, bongs, and more. We understand it can take a lot of time to select your medicine. […]

Beat Holiday Stress with our medical cannabis products and travel tips

Keeping holiday stress down means an enjoyable time with your family and time to sit back and relax while medicated to reflect. Whether you’re celebrating Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or all of them through the New Year, consider our recommendations for a stellar time. Holidays can certainly be nerve-wracking with the influx of your […]

Home Cannabis Cultivation in Maryland: Starting the Discussion

watering cannabis plant

Growing cannabis in Maryland would be a great option for patients who want budget-friendly, quality medicine. But it remains illegal despite Washington, D.C. medical patients having the privilege less than an hour from our border. With states like Alaska, Michigan, Washington, and Colorado also offering the right, what stands in the way of legalizing home […]

Combat Your Inner Horror Movie With These 2 Halloween Cannabis Strains

Classic horror movies go great with Halloween like dairy-free whipped cream on a vegan sundae. And cannabis adds to it like drizzling GMO-free chocolate on top. If you’re looking for premium medicine this spooky season, check out our breakdowns. And you’ll grab a good deal with these two cultivars (commonly known as strains). We’re featuring […]

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