As a result of COVID-19 we ask that if you need to obtain medicine, order online or call us at 301.703.2400 to place a call ahead order. ALL ORDERS must be placed using our online ordering service on our website, or by calling us. Additionally, please allow for one hour to process the order after placing it prior to coming to pick it up.

We encourage patients to wait in their vehicles or to take advantage of curbside delivery. When you arrive, please call to notify our staff that you are ready to pick up and pay for your order.

While visiting inside the facility, all patients will be required to maintain social distancing (upwards of 6 feet) from all other patients and from other staff members. We have indicated areas on the floor showing where to stand and have separated seating in our reception area accordingly. We ask all patients to abide by these new protocols so that we can continue to safely service all patients in our community. As always, the health and safety of our patient community is of the utmost importance.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at or call us at 301.703.2400.


Discounts apply after all other sales, discounts, promotions, and loyalty redemptions have been used.
Additional conditions or restrictions may apply.

$35 1/8ths on ONYCD

$35 1/8ths of ONYCD from Nature’s Heritage!
When this flower is sold out we will be rotating to new flower specials!

Shatter Bundle
$115 Shatter Bundle
mini torch, 3 oz. butane, nectar collector, and full gram of Prime shatter (all varieties)

$175 Shatter Bundle
regular torch, 10 oz butane, glass rig, and a full gram of Prime shatter (all varieties)

Shatter Bundle
$250 Shatter Bundle
Jumbo torch, 10 oz butane, 12 in Bong (Biohazard), Gas Pump Nectar Collector, and a full gram of Prime Shatter (all varieties)

Enail Bundle

$325 – High Five Enail, 1 Dab Rig, 1g of gLeaf Shatter

Order Online Now!

Ordering online is good for same-day pickup only.

Offers good on the day(s) specified while supplies last. Additional restrictions may apply.

New Patient Special

** In addition to the above specials as a first time patient, you are always eligible for 10% off your total purchase! Additionally, patients over 55 also receive 10% off their total purchase! These discounts stack up to a total discount of 20% off of your purchase. Veteran patients get a discount of 22% off their total purchase that may not be combined with the previous discounts. **

Additional restrictions may apply. These ‘New Patient Specials’ may not be combined with any other deal, promotion, sale, or special.